#41: Son Dambi - Can't U See

Son Dambi's "big comeback" this year was pretty much a flop, which was really no surprise to me because the girl can't sing and dance at the same time to save her life. That and the accompanying mini album wasn't that hot either. OK, it was crap, cohesion and material-wise. Except for this one song, Can't U See.

This was the song that was on the very first teaser for her comeback, and to be honest with you this was probably the only reason why I even got my hands on the EP.

Yes, she can't sing it live and yes, it's a little more than a tad bit generic, however it's very classy, and for that reason, I like it. Well, that and a few others.

I love gorgeous piano lines, I love flow-y melodies and I love smooth voices. Put aside the fact that Son Dambi can never, and will never be able to, sing this song live, it's gorgeous as a recording. And it was never really a single single so any promotion done using this song was for the album and not this alone, and the songwriter or producer might not have intended for this to be sung live.


There are times when the vocals get sloppy, but all-in-all the delivery was good, given her vocal capabilities and the fact that there was obviously more than a little processing to her vocals. But what the heck, it sounds good.

Technicalities aside (have I said this before? why does it feel like I have?), the song makes me smile. That really ends all arguments for me, to be honest. The minute a song makes me smile, I know there's something to it that's special. Most of the time a lot better than other songs (not always), but always special.


  1. 100% agree - i truly, truly love this song. I even have an instrumental version of this on my iPod and I listen to both the version w/ and w/o vocals. Plus the simplicity of the MV made the song seem more earnest and sincere. Personally, I felt she should have promoted this song instead.


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