#12: G.NA - I'll Back Off So You Can Live

G.NA is one of the most promising debuts I've witnessed this year, if I may say so. I've had my doubts, of course, but in the end there's something about this girl that makes me very curious, and very optimistic about what the future will bring her.

Like I said when this song was brand-new, the song itself is actually rather generic if you listen to it closely.

It's what you would give your typical new "rising star" solo female singer-dancer-combination and it won't really get her anywhere. The way the chorus explodes is gorgeous, I actually like the rap part (done by the guy from BEAST and no one else, thank you very much) and the song flows very naturally, however majority of it was most likely recycled from other songs. But, like I said earlier this year, these days it's all in how your carry the song, and G.NA sure knows how.

There were times when I was unsure of whether she was lipsyncing or not, but for the times that I was sure, her vocals were near perfect. To top it all off, the girl knows how to perform - there's finesse to the way she moves and carries herself, both on stage and in the video. And that's important if you're selling your song.

But aside from all the technical and musical stuff, I genuinely enjoy listening to the song, regardless of it's flaws and generic-ness. At the end of the day, me liking the song is the biggest factor. And I like the song a hell of a lot!


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