#16: IU - Rain Drop

I think today is "songs that hold memories" day on the countdown, because this is probably the song that makes me the most nostalgic. Once again, it's story time.

In June of this year, we found out that my grandmom was in the late stages of cancer. It greatly affected me, for a gazillion reasons I have no time to enumerate. I was (literally) fainting in class, walking around like I was dead, and running around the city doing errands. I skipped class for days because I was having a hard time coping, and everything was just happening too quickly that I needed a break, even if I knew I couldn't get one. The important thing to take note of is that like in any situation, I ran to music for support, and writing when I had the time.

(side note: I almost cried writing that, since I'm listening to the song too)

So anyway. This was the song I was listening to throughout all that, and throughout my grandmom's wake, so whenever this comes up on shuffle mode again or I accidentally play it, all those feelings start rushing back, and my chest feels exactly how it felt right after I fainted that day. I'm saying this because this is what music is - it holds memories and brings them back when needed.

Without the memories this song is drop-dead gorgeous - the melody is strong, the arrangement clear and the instruments strung together effortlessly. The whistles at the beginning set a nice, happy mood (even if they make me sad), and IU's bright yet strong vocals pull everything together nicely.

This was also the song that signaled the start of her growth vocally - there are points in which there's more power and a deeper timbre to the vocals, but the youth in her voice is still clearly there. And that's why this song is on the list, aside from the fact that it's gorgeous and that it can make me cry any second now. That and songs off her new EP are not eligible (we'll get to them later).


  1. i hope u listen to MIA by IU cause that was b4 she began to get "cute"


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