#49: Oneway - Magic

While everyone was falling head-over-heels for Oneway, I never professed my love for them publicly. So now's the time to do it. They're not the best act I've heard everrrr, but no matter how mainstream their songs might sound, you can tell that these guys know exactly what they're doing, and exactly who they are as musicians and artists.

Magic is part k-pop, part Oneway. On one hand the hook is catchy and attention-grabbing, but on the other hand it's got the sense of epic-ness during the choruses, and an actual melody to boast. The song as has traces of Ne-yo beats and Usher melodies, but the way they were pieced together and the over all sound is kpop all the way. Nevermind that it's in Korean, it sounds like it was produced by a Korean. That's what I want from kpop acts - identity.

I got from these guys, and this song, the perfect combination of mainstream/generic and a clear direction. Need I ask more?


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