Best of 2009: February #9 - #7

January's out of the way, what songs made an impact on me during this February?

#9: Andi - Good Morning Sun

This is one of the cutest, happiest songs EVER. The vocals aren't outstanding but they're proficient, the instrumental isn't anything near brilliant and the production isn't anything to tell my dad about BUT it's happy, and it's a song you'd just WANT to listen to.

#8: Kat DeLuna - Calling You

Another Just Dance clone that I like better than the 'original one', mainly because earlier this year I got properly hooked on the Shopaholic series where this song was featured (Seriously, I bought all the books in the space of a week, watched the movie and got addicted to the soundtrack) and I like the hook. Hahah.

#7: Lily Allen - I Could Say

It's Not Me, It's You was one of those albums I listened to earlier this year because there was literally nothing to review. Thank goodness I did. I adored I Could Say from the very beginning - I like the instrumental, the 'sweet'-ish melody and how the song doesn't really explode when you expect it to. Gorgeous.


  1. Basically anything from that album by Lily is quite quite fine. PS debate harder on Delusional! Have you heard Diablo?! Amazing!

  2. YAY! LOL. OK, I will - still thinking about it though. Will listen to that.


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